Olivier Tournilhac, MD, Ph.D

Since 2007: 2007 : haematologist - Hospital Practiioner of Adult haematology Unit EA7283 "cancer resistance exploring and targeting" CHU ESTAING, 1 place Lucie Aubrac, 63003 CLERMONT FERRAND FRANCE.

Pr Olivier Tournilhac, MD, PhD is physician, specialized in benign and malignant clinical hematology at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital. Most of his activity is devoted to patient’s care. The other part of his activity includes teaching at Clermont-Ferrand University Medical School and clinical research on CLL and peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma as coordinating investigator of 2 trials in CLL (protocols ICLL001 BOMP and ICLL 003 RICAC PMM) in collaboration with the intergroup GCFLLC/MW – GOELAMS and one trial on T-Cell Lymphoma (protocol AATT) in collaboration with the LYSA and with the German group DHSNHL. His main role in basic science and translational research in and PTCL is to promote interactions between clinicians and scientists.

Profile: http://cvscience.aviesan.fr/cv/1241/olivier-tournilhac