Lia Palomba, M.D.

Lia Palomba, MD is an oncologist with extensive laboratory and clinical training. She has a strong interest in the biology of hematological malignancies and in novel approaches to immune therapy of lymphoma. Over the past several years she has developed a xenogeneic CD20 vaccine and showed that vaccination with a truncated, xenogeneic DNA CD20 vaccine can overcome tolerance towards the autoantigen CD20 and protect mice from a tumor challenge. A phase I CD20 vaccine clinical trial is actively accruing patients with refractory or recurrent B cell lymphoma at MSKCC and an identical study was completed incompanion animals.

Her current work involves exploring adjuvant strategies to improve the efficacy of the vaccine as well as understanding its possible role as an adjuvant therapy in the peri-transplant setting, using mouse models of auto- and allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Through several collaborations, she is also involved in projects that aim at the understanding of the signalosome in hematological malignancies, specifically CLL and AML. Her laboratory work is complemented by her clinical activity, which involves a weekly lymphoma clinic and in-patients attendance on the Lymphoma floor. ountain Cancer Centers will focus on medical oncology services and Penrose Cancer Center will focus on radiation oncology services.

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